Kids R Us currently run three out of school clubs. Our main ethos is that children are always having fun and engaged in different types of activities. We have a strong focus on the play principles and firmly believe that children learn vast amounts through different types of play. Children learn lots socially being with children of all different ages, seeing children create a game as a group is one of the most rewarding things to observe. Our play workers facilitate and enjoy being a part of the children’s journey with us.

Milton was established in 2004 in the annex building next to the community center. They have their own room with large playing fields and play equipment.

St Matthews was established in 2011 and has been growing ever since, now being one of the largest in Cambridge. They are based within the school and have use of a large sports hall, playground and all weather pitch.

St Laurence was established in 2018 and has a completely private play space which allows us to really provide a very personal and consistent area in which the children can play. We also have access to a field and forest where the children can engage in activities.

The clubs provide a caring and fun environment with play opportunities designed to promote personal and social development, physical and intellectual skills and creative achievement. All staff are experienced and/or qualified in child care/youth work and registered with Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education).